Are there enough children’s playgrounds and outdoor training parks in Slovenia (or often called Street Workout Parks)?

We mainly have a lot of old playgrounds that are no longer suitable for use due to weariness or improper maintenance. This problem is present throughout the European Union. Therefore, it is hard to answer if there are enough of these parks. Above all, there are too many parks that are no longer suitable for safe use.

Outdoor playground devices, children’s playgrounds, parks - how does the inclusion of these elements affect the quality of living in the urban environment?

The quality of living in the environments where such parks and devices are installed is certainly raised to a higher level, as the use is free in all parks at all times and encourages exercising. Last but not least, good examples draw attention and the chain reaction of such examples is ensured. Use of children’s playgrounds and other training parks is also monitored after their construction. We are interested in feedback from users and clients about the useful value of the playgrounds, and we also follow substantial comments. The information obtained is crucial in designing new projects.

How do outdoor playground devices and parks encourage children, adults and seniors to exercise more in the open air?

If neighbour’s Johnny can walk without external aid today, why can’t I? If a child is looking for peers for company and play, they will surely find them on the children's playground. If today, we have started to think that we need at least some exercise every day, here we will surely find like-minded people, maybe even new friends. We just have to allow ourselves to step out of our boxes, which are strongly anchored especially in older generations. It will happen in its own good time.

How to achieve a higher safety level for users?

Since many of the playgrounds are worn out, the relevant EU technical committee has adopted additional technical measures based on which it has prepared new guidelines and standards that will enter into force in 2018. Here we should mention the new FprCEN / TR 17027 standard, which sets out the obligations in reviewing old playgrounds and procedures for the construction of new playgrounds and is binding for manufacturers and clients. Considering this standard will increase safety on playgrounds, and manufacturers and clients will receive useful information and guidance in order to ensure safety on the playgrounds.

How safe are the playgrounds and playground equipment in Slovenia? How to ensure safety on playground equipment and playgrounds?

For a safe playground, it is important that:

  • the products are certified in accordance with product safety standards.
  • the correct installation and proper positioning of the devices in the area was carried out, in accordance with the rules of the profession, product safety standards and manufacturer's instructions.
  • every product is properly maintained.
    • oduct safety standards. Safe use of products after their installation depends also on regular servicing. Maintenance should be carried out professionally, for which we keep qualified teams. The installers carry out regular trainings and have many years of experience in the field of assembly and are qualified for such work in accordance with the product safety standards SIST EN 1176 and SIST EN 16630.

Can public area really come to life by setting up playground devices / fitness trails / training parks?

In 2018, we set up more than 30 outdoor training parks and so-called sports islands. All projects were carefully planned, and during the project planning phase we included an additional expert supervision by the authorized bodies. In addition to obligations arising from product safety standards, we also took into account the recommendations, which made playgrounds more applicable and user friendly. Every project is a good practice. Some projects need more time to come to life than others, because they are deliberately placed in various social environments. We are all different. Novelties immediately encourage some people to new activities, while others need more incentives and time.

What kind of materials are optimal for such parks?

All materials we use are made from stainless metals. The basic profile of the devices is made from a purpose-made aluminium profile, coloured with highly durable colours, which give a product the final appearance of the wood. By selecting quality and durable materials, we have greatly increased the lifespan of our products and reduced maintenance costs, which is crucial for such parks.

How diverse can these kinds of parks be?

In addition to the classical outdoor gym, the polygon in Tacen also features a mini fitness trail. The sports island in Tivoli is intended also for people with disabilities. Some parks already combine a children’s playground and a street workout training park. They have become an optimal place for socializing and spending spare time outdoors. The ideal example is the Sports Park Šempeter pri Novi Gorici.

All layouts were carefully planned. Already the planning stage included an additional expert supervision. In addition to obligations arising from product safety standards, we took into account the recommendations of the profession, which made parks more applicable and user friendly.

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